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Draft for Halfway Race Set

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by Randy
League Commissioner
June 29, 2015

The halfway draft is complete. Thanks for the help and good luck

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Week 16 Fantasy Wrap-Up

Turbos stretches Lead

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by Randy
League Commissioner
June 28, 2015

Turbos stretched the Lead to 24 points over Pole Sitters to have a shot at the halfway money next week. Terminators had the best week but is still last. Victory Lane had the worst week. About next draft. The next draft will be for one race. It will be done by phone or email or list on this site. I will post the full draft order tomorrow. Gert has the first pick and can send me his pick anytime starting now to Next is Larry The Electrician, then Good Ol Boys More tomorrow


  1. 1.    Turbos
  2. 2.    Pole Sitters (-24)
  3. 3.    Shoe Racers (-35)
  4. 4.    C&R (-35)
  5. 5.    Good Ol' Boys (-41)
  6. 6.    Komas (-47)
  7. 7.    R. Racers (-48)
  8. 8.    V. Lane (-53)
  9. 9.    Pit Stop Don (-60)
  10. 10.  Six Packs (-65)

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Week 17


July 5th

Daytona Beach,Fl

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Draft Thursday June 4