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Week 30 Projections

Jammers with the Best Starters

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by Randy
League Commissioner
October 09, 2015

Jammers has the best and KPMAs has the worst starting positions. Victory Lane, Pit Stop Don or Turbos could take the lead.

Projection Team Driver #1 (qual) Driver #2 (qual) Driver #3 (qual) Driver #4 (qual) Projected Total
1st Jammers K. Busch (2nd) D. Earnhardt Jr. (12th) G. Biffle (4th) A. Allmendinger (17th) 111
2nd Terminators K. Busch (2nd) D. Hamlin (5th) A. Dillon (14th) R. Stenhouse (25th) 108
3rd Frontrunners K. Busch (2nd) R. Newman (10th) A. Dillon (14th) D. Ragan (19th) 103
4th Victory Lane C. Edwards (8th) R. Newman (10th) A. Almirola (9th) R. Stenhouse (25th) 102
5th Ricks Rockets M. Kenseth (1st) D. Hamlin (5th) P. Menard (26th) C. Mears (21st) 102
6th Pit Stop Don M. Kenseth (1st) J. McMurray (30th) A. Almirola (9th) S. Hornish Jr (18th) 101
7th Turbos J. Johnson (7th) J. Gordon (22nd) G. Biffle (4th) S. Hornish Jr (18th) 100
8th Bad Boyz M. Kenseth (1st) K. Busch (6th) C. Bowyer (23rd) D. Patrick (24th) 99
9th Tail Lights J. Lagano (3rd) R. Newman (10th) K. Kahne (20th) D. Patrick (24th) 96
10th C&R K. Busch (6th) J. Gordon (22nd) A. Almirola (9th) S. Hornish Jr (18th) 96
11th Rough Riders J. Johnson (7th) J. Johnson (7th) K. Kahne (20th) C. Mears (21st) 95
12th Six Packs J. Lagano (3rd) J. Gordon (22nd) A. Dillon (14th) R. Stenhouse (25th) 90
13th Larry The Electrician B. Keselowski (13th) C. Bowyer (23rd) G. Biffle (4th) J. Allgaier (28th) 89
14th Ronnies Racers K. Harvick (11th) D. Earnhardt Jr. (12th) K. Larson (31st) A. Allmendinger (17th) 89
15th Need 4 Speed J. Lagano (3rd) M. Truex Jr. (15th) P. Menard (26th) D. Patrick (24th) 87
16th Pole Sitters C. Edwards (8th) M. Truex Jr. (15th) K. Kahne (20th) D. Ragan (19th) 87
17th Shoe Racers K. Harvick (11th) K. Busch (6th) P. Menard (26th) T. Stewart (36th) 86
18th Pacers K. Harvick (11th) B. Keselowski (13th) K. Larson (31st) D. Ragan (19th) 86
19th Gert C. Edwards (8th) J. McMurray (30th) A. Allmendinger (17th) J. Allgaier (28th) 76
20th Good Ol' Boys D. Hamlin (5th) J. McMurray (30th) C. Mears (21st) T. Bayne (33rd) 73
21st Old No. 7 D. Earnhardt Jr. (12th) M. Truex Jr. (15th) K. Larson (31st) T. Stewart (36th) 71
22nd Komas B. Keselowski (13th) C. Bowyer (23rd) T. Stewart (36th) J. Allgaier (28th) 65

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Week 29 Fantasy Wrap-Up

Gert is Hanging On

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by Randy
League Commissioner
October 05, 2015

Gert is hanging onto first place. First to tenth is only 48 points. Ronnies Racers had the best week and Roughr Riders the worst. Anybody in the top 14 still has a chance at winning.


  1. 1.    Gert
  2. 2.    Pit Stop Don (-7)
  3. 3.    V. Lane (-12)
  4. 4.    Turbos (-18)
  5. 5.    Six Packs (-19)
  6. 6.    Good Ol' Boys (-20)
  7. 7.    L. The Electrician (-36)
  8. 8.    Pole Sitters (-44)
  9. 9.    Tail Lights (-46)
  10. 10.  Komas (-48)

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Week 30


October 10th

Charlotte, NC

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Draft Thursday September 24 - for 4 races